Dynamic Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Tetricor is a dynamic ERP that allows you to 1 to 1, implement the solutions that you mapped out and designed for your clients. 

The Tetricor ERP Engine

Tetricor is a platform with infinitely customizable fields and relationships which supplies consultants, IT departments, and technology integrators with the power to add any workflow management that their clients would need to track.

Tetricor can integrate into any data already collected by a business because you can create any field already available to 100% correctly map data into Tetricor.


Tetricor is built on a scalable platform that will be able to grow and maintain queries with any sized business, whether they are large, midsize, or small.


Tetricor comes with a built-in tool that helps enterprises to construct new tables, relationships, and reports to help them track all of their information specific to their business.


Because of the builder tool in Tetricor, it can track every single one of a business day-to-day operations from finances to inventory to payroll and show relational data between them all.

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Integrator and Consultation Opportunities

 If you’re a 3rd party Technology Integrator or Consultant, you know what it’s like to try to provide effective and reliable solutions to your clients. Being able to deliver, and exceed your client’s expectations is priority number one for your business.

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